The Business of Covid Golf – Where The Industry has Been and Where It’s Going with Tom Cox of


790: If you receive emails from any golf company at all, chances are is one of them. For nearly twenty years has focused on customization of balls, hats, towels, and a variety of golf products. They’re also the creators of the incredibly helpful AlignXL customized alignment aid on any ball you choose. Tom Cox is the founder and CEO of and is this week’s featured guest talking about his business, the golf industry’s prognosis post-Covid, and the advantages and struggles encountered as the CEO of a high profile golf company. 

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This week on Golf Smarter Mulligans 106, is our last episode featuring the late Tony Manzoni for 2021. Tony had some pretty influential friends in the golf world, and he shares his best tips and insights this week.

Tony’s book “The Lost Fundamental: One Simple Move. Better Golf Forever.” is available once again in either paperback or kindle formats. 

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