Swim To Improve Your Golf with Triathlon Swim Coach, Kevin Koskella


Golf Smarter for Members Only #397– “With swimming as in golf, there are a lot of little moving parts that require your attention..” Head position, for instance, dictates balance. In both sports, you need to keep you head as still as possible for improved efficiency and results. Our guest for this Members Only episode is World Famous Triathlon Swim Coach Kevin Koskella. Because swimming is the opening event, efficiency and energy conservation is critical to get you to the more arduous and demanding running and cycling legs of a triathlon. Similar to what golf coaches say, practicing with a purpose will bring on positive results, where clubbing ball after ball from a bucket won’t show noticeable improvement. Kevin also advocates Yoga to make you a better, more flexible athlete, which we’ve discussed many times.

Kevin also hosts the TriSwimCoach podcast and regularly emails tips on efficiency from http://triswimcoach.com

The next four episodes are from my recent trip to Oregon. While at Bandon Dunes, I sat down for interviews with the Director of Instruction providing insights on playing links courses, and my caddie, who also carries a bag on the Champions Tour, sharing stories from inside the ropes. Then episodes #400 and #401 for Members Only, I head to Portland for dinner with one of our favorite teachers, Jim Waldron of Balance Point Golf Schools.

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