Simple Tricks Amateur Golfers Can Use To Play Like The Pros


788: Tiffany Faucette picked up a golf club for the first time as a teenager, and like most of us has been on a quest ever since. But for Tiffany, it included a successful college career, #1 ranking by Titleist Golfweek as an amateur, professional competition for more than a decade, playing in a couple Majors, and inventing a training aide that can be easily used indoors. Golf Smarter listeners get 20% off the regular price of $29.95US when you purchase the Impact Improver with checkout code ‘golfsmarter’. This discount is only available at even though her products are available on Amazon.

This week on Golf Smarter Mulligans 104, Tony Manzoni taught a very effective method of the golf swing that he learned from his years of intense studying what made Ben Hogan great. We discuss it in depth in this episode that is also available on our channel using an early video conference platform called Blab. This was a full decade before the world became comfortable with video conversation.  This is the 7th consecutive episode featuring Tony Manzoni, one of our most requested teachers ever on Golf Smarter, who passed away in 2018.

Tony’s book “The Lost Fundamental: One Simple Move. Better Golf Forever.” is available once again in either paperback or kindle formats. Find it at . 

The Lost Fundamental video is also available online! If you’re interested, please send your request to host Fred Greene at [email protected].  Find out more about the fund and everything we have gathered about Tony at