Putting. Ben Hogan’s Yips. Getting Fitted for Clubs. Frank Sinatra & the Palm Springs Elite. Talking Golf with Tony Manzoni


732: In our third week of honoring the memory of Tony Manzoni (RIP) we split an episode from late 2015 up into two parts. This time you’ll understand why Tony is so lovable as he shares stories of teaching Frank Sinatra, watching Ben Hogan play, the importance of getting fitted for clubs, and consistency is near impossible to attain.
Part 2 of this episode can be heard on #48 of Golf Smarter Mulligans. It’s actually the first of three episodes we’ll do over this and next week on the topic of Taking Your Game to the Next Level: One Club at a Time. Make sure to order hand inspected, sanitized, premium used golf balls from TwoGuysWithGolfBalls.com before April 1, 2020 using “golfsmarter” at checkout for 20% any order over $49.