PGA Tour Player Aaron Oberholser on Why Golf Should Be a Fun Game


Do you have expectations when you step up to the first tee? According to touring professional Aaron Oberholser, if you’re thinking about how you did last round, then you won’t perform well and you won’t enjoy yourself. If you feel pressure to perform at a higher level than where you are, you have to understand that pressure is what happens to an unprepared athlete. If you don’t practice or train like you’re in a competition, don’t compete. If you want to compete in golf, then practice. A coach is necessary when you want to play to a certain level. We’ve talked to so many golf instructors on GOLF SMARTER who want you to believe that they can get you to the next level, but from this professional’s perspective, you may be taking the fun out of the game. Golf is a game and it’s meant to be fun, so give yourself a break.