Now Anyone Can Have A Sponsor Like The Pros by Playing ODIN Golf Balls!

Golf Smarter #873 with bonus video not on the podcast at

873: Losing an expensive tour quality ball can be maddening. ODIN Golf has developed an affordable tour quality ball, and they’ll sponsor any player, no matter your skill level! Our guest is Jordan Lunetta, an ex-pat living in Berlin who, along with the rest of his foursome, who are all experienced in tech startups, have started a business with a unique and compelling business model. ODIN-golf <> sells their tour quality X1, for only $34.99US, and they’ll pay you back $7 for every dozen your order. Their ODIN X ball is only $19.99 and when you order a box, they’ll pay you $4 for every dozen you buy. Visit the custom landing page they’ve created for Golf Smarter listeners, and use the coupon code “GOLFSMARTER”, to receive a dozen balls of your choice with the Golf Smarter logo, at no extra charge!!  Both these balls are getting rave reviews from blogs and YouTubers, in addition to having nothing but 5 star reviews from consumers.  

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This week on Golf Smarter Mulligans #189, is Psychologist Dr. Patrick Cohn on the importance an psychology of the pre-shot routine. This was originally a Members Only episode that has never been released publicly before.  

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