Most Golfers Don’t Know What They’re Thinking About When Swinging a Golf Club with Erik Schjolberg


850: Erik Schjolberg <> returns for a discussion on golf fallacies, what we’re thinking about when swinging a club and why it’s important to know, and a fascinating teaching aid he uses that can turn any slow motion video into 3D imaging of your swing from every angle. In the first video below, Erik breaks down Fred’s swing using The second video is Erik’s introduction to how he utilizes by converting slow motion video taken on your phone from a front-on angle and converts it to a 3D model from six different directions.

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This week on Golf Smarter Mulligans #166, we hear from Jeff Ritter of MTT Performance who reminds us that we’re always “In the Zone”, but it’s our thoughts and doubts that regularly bring us out.  

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