More SCOR Zone Short Game Academy with Terry Koehler


GSfMO#358 Terry “The Wedge Guy” Koehler, CEO of SCOR Golf joins us for 40 minutes to answer more questions submitted to SCOR Zone Short Game Academy. We’ve received so many great questions about improving our short game that we decided to answer 4 more questions in a full episode.


Matthew Etter of Durham, NC:

What is the recommended approach for handling “flier” lies around the green? In my area we have a lot of bermuda grasses, and when cut high there can be a lot of space between the ball and the ground. Should you still try to hit down on the ball to impart spin? It seems to me that there’s no way you’re going to compress the ball when it’s sitting up so much, but trying to scoop the ball with an ascending blow doesn’t seem like the right approach either. Any alternatives?

Matt McElroy of Brentwood, NH:

How do we know which scoring club to use from the sand? Are different types of sand a factor?

Ron Hampel of Portland, OR

I’m fairly new to golf, having taken up the game about 18 months ago. My play from tee to about 120 yards or so is really coming along (around 70-75% driving accuracy). But, what’s holding my scoring back is what happens from inside 120 or so yards. My short game distance control is all over the place. Why will adding a wedge or two to my set at that end make my distances any more accurate? In other words, is my lack of consistency due to the skills of someone new to the game or incorrect club gaps?

Martin Baker of Peregian Beach, Queensland Australia

i still use your old wedges and listened intently to the podcast especially around the grip. I sent a photo of my glove – from the photo you may be able to work out am I holding the club too much in my hand instead of my fingers as you advocate? I was also intrigued by your comments about keeping the grip light on the club – I think this would naturally relax the forearms and therefore give a more relaxed looking swing li