It’s the Club’s Fault! You’re A Better Putter Than You Think


761: One thing that contributes to a lousy day on the golf course is missing short putts, or multiple 3 putts. But your confidence in lining up your putt, your ability to read the greens, even your skill at lag putting is good, so what’s the problem? It’s your putter!! Our guest is CEO of LAB Golf, Sam Hahn, who explains that their Lie Angle Balanced putters designed by Bill Presse will completely change your thoughts about how a putter is supposed to work.

Congratulations to June G of Colorado Springs, CO winner of a a High Heat 257+ Fairway metal from 

This week on the Golf Smarter Mulligans episode 77 we learn the difference between a 1 plane swing and a 2 plane swing, and what works best for you from Chuck Quinton.