It’s Not About How Far or How Close, Golf is All About How Many!! with Jay Delsing


629: Jay Delsing was part of the legendary UCLA golf team in the early eighties that included Corey Pavin (1982 Player of the Year), Steve Pate (1983 Player of the Year), Duffy WaldorfTom PerniceJohn Perles, and Roger Gunn. He then spent the next 20 years as a Touring Pro. Some of his fabulous advice and insights inspired today’s show title. Now, still associated with golf, he’s a sideline reporter for PGA Tour Live and a businessman focused on golf entertainment and hospitality. His father, Jim Delsing, played baseball for the St Louis Browns and is the answer to one of the all-time great random trivia questions. Jay is a fabulous story teller so we cover a lot of topics including St Louis sports, his touring years, and working with amateur golfers.

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