Imagine How Being 1% Better Each Round Could Turn Your Doubt Inside Out


776: Cary Valentine usually joins us to share interviews he’s done while the PGA Tour is in Hawaii, but because of COVID restrictions, he couldn’t get on the courses, even as a volunteer. So this year, we get an hour with Cary talking about his expertise: improving our mental game. In this conversation we discuss transforming your doubts, fears, & anxiety into success, confidence & fulfillment on the golf course.  Cary is offering Golf Smarter listeners a free mini video course called “Transforming your golf doubts, fears, and anxieties to quickly achieve more success, confidence, and fulfillment”. To take advantage of his offer, send him your request via email with the subject “golfsmarter” to [email protected]

Here’s a taste of what Cary Valentine had to say on episode 776

This week on Golf Smarter Mulligans episode 92, we bring back a conversation with one of the world’s expert on golf swing tempo, John Novasel. While many golf instructors pound into each student the importance of position, grip, and alignment, they don’t talk much about tempo.  The importance of tempo is a secret that every great player understands.  Ernie Els’ beautiful and effortless swing succeeds because of his consistent and calculated tempo. The importance of tempo is a secret that great players understand, and is discussed at length with John, inventor of the Tour Tempo Micro Player, app, and book.