If You’re Not Practicing Golf with Feedback…DON’T Practice! with Erik Schjolberg


793: Erik Schjolberg is a PGA Instructor in Arizona who learned early in his career that the best way to learn about teaching golf is by listening to, and watching other instructors apply their trade. With that mindset, he found and got hooked on Golf Smarter, which lead him to discover the lessons of Tony Manzoni. This was a blessing for him because Manzoni’s methods were similar to his. But he was surprised that he’d never heard of Tony before. In this episode we learn more about Erik’s teaching methods, how he encourages all his students to use the PerfectMotion App (episodes 771 & 772), and refutes many of the old wive’s tales that golfers are convinced are their own downfall.

We’re on the countdown to celebrate 800 episodes of the Golf Smarter podcast on July 6, 2021. Per your suggestions, host Fred Greene will be interviewed on how his game has changed hosting the longest running golf podcast. But what have you learned? Please share your greatest take-away from our show, or maybe you want to ask Fred a question that you need answered. Just call the Golf Smarter Hot Line at 415-761-1498 and leave your best take. We’ll include it in the episode! Deadline to record your call is at the end of the US Open on Sunday June 20 to be included. 415-761-1498.

This week on Golf Smarter Mulligans 109 we learn about the four different types of personalities that can be found in your playing partners. If you ever do business on the golf course, this is mandatory listening! Our guest is Jennifer Munro of GolfersMindRX.com.

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