If You Enjoyed Golf More, You’d Play Better Not the Other Way Around


644: Dr. Joseph Parent, best-selling author of the most popular book on golf’s mental game “Zen Golf: Mastering The Mental Game” makes his twelfth appearance on Golf Smarter. (Check out his other incredibly helpful interviews on episodes #1,70, 77, 221, 222, 300, 331, 332, 382, 383, 521). He’s been the mental coach for numerous PGA and LPGA Tour players including Vijay Singh and Cristie Kerr in addition to countless up and coming golfers. If he can help the best players in the world on their mental approach to better golf, imagine what he can do for you. And this episode doesn’t disappoint. We talk about how reacting to your shot has an impact on your next one, the pre-shot and post-shot routines, putting, and his exclusive PARR approach to golf “Preparation. Action. Response to Results”. These are my favorite types of interviews because they can have an immediate impact on your next round, whether you’re practicing a lot or only hit balls when you play. He also introduces us to a fun new mental game golf product called Shoe Tips

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