If You Aim at Nothing, You’ll Hit It Every Time featuring Co-Author of “The Lost Art of Playing Golf”, Gary Nicol


713: The last time we met Gary Nicol (ep699 published on 7/23/19), we discussed the first book he co-authored with Karl Morris, “The Lost Art of Putting”. They’ve just released a new book called “The Lost Art of Playing Golf” in which we discuss the various elements of game improvement that have been lost with today’s technology that has made the focus of hitting the ball, not making ‘golf shots’. The Forward of this book is excellent as it’s provided by Rudy Durant, Tiger Woods’ childhood coach.

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This week on Golf Smarter Mulligans, published each Friday, is the second of two episodes with Hall of Fame PGA Tour Caddy, Andrew Martinez. Andrew has two Majors in his storied resume. He carried the bag for Johnny Miller when Johnny was the first person to shoot a 63 in a Major back in 1973. Andrew also caddie for Tom Lehman when he won an Open Championship. This conversation took place outside, alongside a driving range where they discussed his personal history, working on the PGA Tour, and color commentary of what he sees from these hackers on the range. Subscribe to Golf Smarter Mulligans for free wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts or at YouTube.com/GolfSmarterTV.

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