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apple-podcastTo subscribe and have each new episode of GOLF SMARTER automatically delivered to your iPhone/iPad/iPod, you can find us in Apple’s “Podcasts” app, which is automatically included in the most recent version of iOS.
To find GOLF SMARTER in this app, click on the “Search” icon on the bottom right and start typing “golf” in the search bar. Even before you finish typing the word, “GOLF SMARTER” will pop up as one of the first suggestions.

**Please note that the mobile version of iTunes no longer offers podcasts, but you can still find GOLF SMARTER in the desktop version of iTunes.

Android devices

To subscribe and have each new episode of GOLF SMARTER automatically delivered to your Android mobile device, we really like Stitcher Radio as the best podcast aggregator to enable your free subscription.

iTunes on your Computer

iTunesTo subscribe on your Computer to our free episodes from your computer, click here  and GOLF SMARTER will open in iTunes. Click on “SUBSCRIBE” and all the new episodes will automatically be downloaded the day they’re published. Once downloaded, you can either listen here, or sync between your computer and mobile device or mp3 player.

These free interviews are substantially edited. To hear the each new episode in its entirety, gain access to our archives of weekly episodes since 2005, and do you part to support GOLF SMARTER, please subscribe to Premium Access.
**This information is not intended for your mobile devices. Please refer to the specific instructions for each platform.

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