How the Aimpoint Putting System Works with Mark Sweeney


GSfMO#368 Mark Sweeney returns for part 2 of our introduction to the Aimpoint Putting System. Now that we know the history of how Mark got the Golf Channel to try Aimpoint for TV, it’s time for us to learn how it can turn us into great flat stick players. According to Mark’s curriculum, there are 3 simple factors that determine what a putt is going to do. With those 3 factors, you then refer to the chart provided in the lesson. Once you’ve been trained by an Aimpoint Certified Instructor, the process of lining each putt can take only 10-15 seconds. Of course putting is still 99% feel, but once you know the exact line and you have the right speed, you can easily cut 6-10 putts per round!

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