Golfer’s Dilemma: New Club? Or New Shaft & Grips? featuring Jesse Ortiz (pt2)


In part 2 of our conversation with Jesse Ortiz we spend nearly an hour talking about how the superlight shafts and a new set of light weight grips can give the average golfer more yardage than a new club head. Fred also wants to know about the life span of wedges, what to look for on a older wedge, and urban myths about wedges, Dave Pelz thoughts and impact on Jesse designs at Bobby Jones golf, and the global and long term impact that Jesse’s Tri-Metal Fairway woods design. What about hybrids and fairway woods? How often should those be replaced? You’ll be happy to hear his response and lesson. This episode, originally published on November 8, 2011 was a Members Only episode and this is the first time it’s been released publicly.