Golf Is Hard! But It Doesn’t Have to Be If You Know What You’re Looking To Improve


951  Erik Schjolberg shares insights on golf teaching methods, common mistakes, and the mental approach to the game. He emphasizes the importance of external focus, low point issues, and the distinction between practice and play. The conversation also delves into the nuances of golf, the importance of striking the ball well, and the impact of expectations and warm-up sessions on performance. 

  • The importance of external focus in golf and the impact it has on performance.
  • Understanding low point issues and the significance of addressing them for better ball striking.
  • The distinction between practice and play in golf and the mental approach required for each.
  • The impact of misperceptions and the need for a clear understanding of consistency in golf.
  • The significance of getting fitted for clubs and the impact it can have on performance. Equipment issues can impact a golfer’s performance and experience on the course.
  • Getting better at golf involves more than just looking at the scorecard; it’s about improving the quality of ball striking and making gradual changes.
  • Mindset plays a crucial role in golf performance, and focusing on the process rather than the outcome is essential.
  • The teachings of Tony Manzoni emphasize the importance of striking the ball well and the impact of balance and weight distribution in the golf swing.
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