Golf Goal for 2021: BORING Golf! featuring Jamie Zimron, Our Golf Sensei


775: Jamie Zimron, our golf sensei, returns to explain why she loves to play boring golf and what we can do to get there. What’s boring golf? Fairway. Green. Fairway. Green. etc. When we play stress-less, we prosper more. That’s achieved through self-management where you’re trying to minimize damage during a round. Most amateurs are poor at it, but it’s not hard to achieve once you understand that bad decisions lead to negative self-talk. How do you get there? Listen for details. Jamie, a black belt in Aikido, LPGA Instructor, and motivational speaker can be found at

This week on Golf Smarter Mulligans episode 91, we replay our interview with Phil Kenyon the principal at In our conversation from 2009 Phil talks in detail about all things putting, including how the ball comes off the putter and why C-Groove technology was so revolutionary at the time. Harold Swash (2016 R.I.P.), was the inventor of C-Groove technology, the main feature of the YES! Putter product line. YES! Putters is no longer in business, but Phil is still teaching putting excellence under the name of Swash Putting.