Gimme 10 Feet Closer Over 10 Yards Farther Anyday! featuring Terry Koehler, “The Wedge Guy” | #217


GSM217: Your 9 iron is a short iron, so why is it designed like a long iron? Terry Koehler, a regular on Golf Smarter and creative genius behind the V-Sole wedge design introduces his newest line of wedges that provides a level of forgiveness and confidence in your bag that can immediately impact your scores. The loft in your irons progresses in 4 degree increments, but from your pitch to lob wedge, there’s a 12 degree jump which is the same jump as your 5 iron to Driver! When you’re inside of 150 yards, you need to be able to attack a very small target. Originally published as Golf Smarter #307 on November 15, 2011