Every Good Golf Shot Should Add Up to 100


821: After a round of golf together at Foxtail North in Northern California, Jamie Zimron, the Golf Sensei and host Fred Greene sat down outside the Pro-Shop to record an episode that featured tips on being centered, tempo & rhythm, and balancing each swing to total 100 from backswing to follow through. It’s the first time in over a decade that Fred & Jamie have played together and Jamie couldn’t believe how much better Fred has gotten from all the advice he’s gained doing Golf Smarter. Engineering note, the recording was interrupted in the middle and at the end due to the batteries failing on the recorder. Learn more about Jamie’s teaching at https://www.thecenteredway.com/

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This week on Golf Smarter Mulligans 137 is part 2 with Jeff Ritter after the release of his book “Your Kid Ate a Divot!”. This was previously a Members Only episode so it’s the first time it’s been shared publicly.