Dr. Robert K Winters Answers Listener Questions about Golf’s Mental Game


There are a lot of factors that golfers need to think about — grip, stance, wind, clubs — but the golf ball just sits there … staring at you … mocking you … waiting. In fact, the only thing that golf ball cares about is the pulse that sends it on its way. And that pulse is your problem. Dr. Robert K Winters, aka, Dr Bob, is the author of “Ten Commandments of Mind Power Golf” and “Mistake-Free Golf: First Aid for Your Golfing Brain”. He’s also the Resident Sports Psychologist at the David Leadbetter Golf Academy World Teaching Headquarters, and a regular contributor to the Golf Channel and Golf Smarter.  In this episode from Golf Smarter #151, we open up the Golf Smarter listener mail bag and have Dr Bob Answer mental game questions that could apply to any golfer.

(By the way, your golf ball is still waiting.)