Dean Knuth on the All New High Heat 257+ Golf Drivers/Fairway Metals/Hybrids


Dean Knuth, the Pope of Slope, first introduced us to his retirement project back in 2016. Now, the High Heat Drivers, Fairway Woods, and Hybrids just got hotter! In 2016 the USGA permitted a conforming golf face to have a much higher “trampoline” effect, known as CT, on the toe and heel of the club face so that you don’t lose any distance or accuracy with mishits. Get all the details at and make sure you take advantage of our exclusive discount! Save 15% when you let them know at checkout that you heard about the new High Heat 257+ clubs on Golf Smarter!

This week on the Golf Smarter Academy, Allen from Atlanta is struggling with hitting the ball of the toe of the club and wants advice from Tony. Maybe he should get that 15% discount on a couple new High Heat 257+ clubs that we just discussed on the episode! If you have a question for Fred, Tony, or any other past Golf Smarter guests, let us help with your game or equipment! Submit your question by calling toll free 415-761-1498. Even if you want to ask another golf instructor who’s been on Golf Smarter before, we’re here to help! Listeners who get answers receive a free copy of Tony Manzoni’s DVD “The Lost Fundamental”, a diploma from the Golf Smarter Academy, and the all new Golf Smarter ball marker!  Get more at