Carrying The Right Wedge Is As Important as Understanding How To Use Each One featuring Terry “The Wedge Guy” Koehler


891: Terry “The Wedge Guy” Koehler returns for his 18th appearance on Golf Smarter to discuss wedges, wedge play, finding the correct wedge for your game, how he’s spent four decades on a quest to create the most amateur friendly wedges on the market, and that his brand of “Edison Wedges” has just released version 2.0 that are forgiving, accurate, versatile, and just…better! offers online fitting, and a 100% risk free trial. TK also contributes regularly for as The Wedge Guy. 

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This week on Golf Smarter Mulligans is the penultimate episode in our annual Tony Manzoni series to help you launch your new golf season.  This episode addresses the difference between men and women on the golf course. Tony says that the disparity isn’t ability, it’s distance. He also talks about taking advantage of, and not being intimidated by your nerves.  Tony’s book, The Lost Fundamental, One Simple Move, Better Golf Forever, which was out of print when he passed away, is once again available on Amazon including Kindle format. Tony’s video of the same name was also out of circulation, but can now be seen online. If you’d like to gain access please write to me directly via email [email protected] or clicking on the Hey Fred button at

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