Bringing Golf into the 21st Century with GAME GOLF CEO John McGuire


SPECIAL EDITION GSfMO#376 – GAME GOLF is wearable technology and available-everywhere software that will change the way golf is experienced. GAME GOLF allows you to see your game, share your game, compare your game and compete like never before. GAME GOLF collects the important data of your round, while your playing….in the background! Our guest is John McGuire, CEO of Active Mind Technology in San Francisco and master mind behind GAME GOLF. Recently you may have heard from friends in your golf community about John’s efforts to raise money. Beyond anything I’ve ever seen, I think that this product could have a significant impact on our enjoyment, and the growing of the game.

Be part of the excitement, but don’t delay. There’s little time left to contribute, and after you see their video, you’ll want in. You can contribute as little as $40, but enough to be assured of getting a GAME GOLF unit below the public retail price.

Please click on their link at so they realize the full impact of the GOLF SMARTER community.