Bobby Jones’ Grandson Dr Bob Jones IV on The Responsibility of Being Golf Royalty


802: Bobby Jones legend looms large on golf, but it’s even larger for his heirs. In this week’s honest and revealing conversation, we meet Dr. Bob Jones IV, grandson of Bobby Jones. Dr. Bob is a Clinical and Sports Psychologist, but is also the keeper of one of the most famous names in golf history. And he and his family all take the responsibility very seriously. Although the senior “Bub” Jones passed away when Bobby was a teenager, Dr. Bob has very vivid memories of spending time with his grandfather and the family stories about this physically challenged man who was loving and a disciplinarian. The family’s foundation that does tremendous charitable work can be found at

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This week on Golf Smarter Mulligans 118, whether you’ve played your entire life or new to the game, basic etiquette is important to know and understand. The rules of golf are simple and most people can play without needing a rule book. But every golfer, should be well aware of golf etiquette.

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