Ben Hogan’s Lost Letter Discovered as interpreted by Tony Manzoni


Over the next 9 episodes of Golf Smarter Mulligans, we’re going to be featuring some of our many conversations with Tony Manzoni. Tony was an amazing golf instructor who passed away in 2018. We first met him in 2009, and in the dozen or so times he was on the podcast with us, emails flooded in with more positive feedback than any other teacher featured. If you’re a new to Golf Smarter or didn’t play at College of the Dessert anytime since the 1980s, you’ve probably never heard of Tony because we were the only media outlet to pay attention to him. We replayed some of these episodes last year and I still get emails today reporting on how well you connected and improved using Tony’s teaching methods. Tony’s book, The Lost Fundamental, One Simple Move, Better Golf Forever, which was out of print when he passed away, is once again available on Amazon including Kindle format. Tony’s video of the same name was also out of circulation, but can now be seen online. If you’d like to gain access please write to me directly via email [email protected] or clicking on the Hey Fred button at Lastly, after he passed, we created a Tony Manzoni Memorial Golf Smarter Fund to benefit the First Tee of Coachella Valley. Your tax deductible contributions are greatly appreciated. Find out more at  We hope you enjoy this journey and know that even if you’ve heard these episodes before, you’re going to learn something new. Enjoy…