Aimpoint Putting System with Creator Mark Sweeney


GSfMO#367 Mark Sweeney, creator of the Aimpoint Putting System shares his story of how a guy with a full time job outside of the golf industry came up with a physics formula that could predict the exact path of any putt. You’ve seen Aimpoint on several TV golf tournaments. It’s the on screen graphic that shows the path of a putt before the golfer makes the stroke. It started out as an idea for software for your handheld device, but it was to advanced for the available hardware. He then spent years trying to get it passed by the USGA, or get a TV network to give it a try. “The thing that still amazes me is that it’s incredibly accurate. Far more accurate then I ever anticipated.” It’s a fascinating story of persistence with a great ending. He’s since developed a putting curriculum with Certified Instructors and PGA Touring Players around the world becoming hard core users. In Part2, For Members Only, Mark explains in detail how the system works and how you can find an instructor near you.

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