A 30yr Teaching & Biz Vet Shares Stories from the Inside featuring Paddy Shea | #893


893: Patrick “Paddy” Shea has been involved in golf as an instructor, product rep, and product developer for most of his life. In this episode he share stories from the inside of the industry that you don’t read about in the news or blogs. Save 20% off products, like training aides, rangefinders, and unique products for the golf cart from his company at upsidegolf.com with coupon code “golfsmarter”.

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This week on Golf Smarter Mulligans is the start of a new six part series with Dr. Glen Albaugh, author of “Wining The Battle Within”. Glen passed away in Feb 2023 at the age of 91, and we want to honor his memory by replaying each episode he was featured in on Golf Smarter. It’s also a great compliment after our Tony Manzoni series because now that we’ve worked so hard on learning the single pivot swing, it’s time to focus on fine tuning our mental game. In our first meeting with Dr. Albaugh on Golf Smarter episode 41 from Sept6, 2006, host Fred Greene has an in-depth discussion with Glen about his theories and focuses on his unique ideas about Pre-Shot and POST-shot routines. Glen was a beloved professor and iconic figure at the University of the Pacific, visionary sports psychologist, and a beloved guest on Golf Smarter. He was also the head coach for the University golf team for more than two decades. Two of his closest friendships were with two Super Bowl winning NFL Coaches, Pete Carroll and Bill Walsh. Learn more in the show notes for these episodes.

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