586: Phil Mickleson’s Coach, Dave Pelz, says “If You Practice What You’re Terrible At, You’ll Get a Lot Better, Quicker!”

Dave Pelz #586

586 Dave Pelz could be the most sought after and successful short game golf coach on the planet. But he’s so much more! Dave’s a scientist, researcher, author, entrepreneur, club designer, short game guru, and a dedicated family man. In our conversation that goes longer than an hour, Dave gives us a glimpse into his personal history that starts with being a frustrated college golfer at Indiana University who was repeatedly beat by Jack Nicklaus. He then moved on to NASA working as a scientist/researcher/data analyst for the Goddard Space Center. But his love of golf never left his blood, so he took a year off to start a business that ended as a total disaster.  He provides a lot more about his history, and of course provides some short game and practice advice. He also shares his prediction for this year’s Masters. Keep your eyes/ears open for his newest Kickstarter book/video project on Green Reading. The crowdsource funding program will run for 60 days starting May 8, 2016. Help support the project and get your package earlier and for less than the regular public. It will be found at http://pelzgolf.com/greenreading.

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