558: Meet The 19 Handicapper That Played In A Country’s Open…And Lived To Tell Us About It!


558 Premium: In 2014 Justin Kreibich, who, in his mid 20’s and a bogie golfer with a 19hcp, signed up to play in the DPKR (yes, that’s North Korea) Amateur Golf Open. Knowing the risks involved and how good of a golfer he wasn’t, he knew that this may be the only opportunity to play in an Open Championship. So he signed up, was granted a spot, flew to China, then boarded a flight to Pyongyang City without the knowledge or permission of the US Government. There were only 20 players in the field and it was a single round. On the 18th tee he was in second place, but the realization of the consequences got in his head.  This is an outrageous and crazy story that could easily be a movie “based on a true story”.  He’s never shared this story with anyone outside of his friends and family…until now. 

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