557: If Custom Fit Clubs Cost Are The Same Price, What’s Holding You Back? Featuring Frank V


557 Premium: We continue the discussion of getting custom fit for your golf clubs to improve your consistency and your game. This time we head to Boston to speak with the US Vice President of the International Club Makers Guild, Frank Viola. This time we discuss the various components of the club and how important it is to not concern yourself with popular brand names, but to focus on getting the right parts that work best for you. We also talk about pricing variations of custom club making vs off the shelf clubs. Our host, Fred Greene, doesn’t understand what all the numbers mean in a computer print out from a launch monitor after comparing five shots each with a blade 6 iron vs a cavity back 6 iron created by the same manufacturer. Frank explains the significance of each number and teaches Fred on which are the most important results in selecting the right club.

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