554: “Mr. Hogan, The Man I Knew” with Author and LPGA Record Holder, Kris Tschetter


554 Premium: Kris Tschetter has the unique privilege of getting to know, and receiving instruction from Ben Hogan when she was a young girl. Her book “Mr. Hogan The Man I Knew” subtitled “An LPGA Player Looks Back on an Amazing Friendship and Lessons She Learned from Golf’s Greatest Legend” is fascinating to read, and on this episode you can hear why he was attentive to this vibrant and entertaining woman. 

Kris is also in charge of Community Relations for the great free golf app called “18Birdies” that allows you to compete with your friends, utilize GPS to track every shot of every round, and socially connect on and off the course with golfer’s around the world.  Kris is co-host of the “On Par Podcast” which featured Golf Smarter host Fred Greene on episode No.12 from July 15, 2016


Watch the full interview on our GolfSmarterTV channel at GolfSmarter.com or on YouTube at https://youtu.be/GWfkME0DdCs

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