551 Premium: Eliminate Vacation Stress and Hassles by Using Golf Overnight


551: Golf Overnight is not only a great service to have your golf clubs waiting for you instead of you waiting…and waiting…and waiting for your clubs at the airport, they’re also offering a 20% discount to Golf Smarter listeners with the Promo Code “gsmart”. Our guest this week is Aaron Foster from Golf Overnight who explains how the service works, the advantages, and the costs.

To take advantage of their offer, click on the ad at the bottom of the page at http://GolfSmarter.com and use the promo code “gsmart”.  We’re also really happy to announce that Golf Overnight is our newest sponsor! Please try them out on your next golf trip to see how much value you gain when you eliminate the hassle of dragging around your clubs.    

WIN! WIN! WIN! Golf Smarter has teamed up with Dean Knuth of knuthgolf.com to give away a High Heat 3Wood. Deadline to enter is Midnight Sunday, August 14, 2016 at GolfSmarter.com. The winner will be announced on episode 553. 

Knuth Golf has extended their exclusive discount for the Golf Smarter community. Mention “Golf Smarter” in your order and save on each of these clubs that are designed specifically to help amateurs play better golf. Driver regularly $399, your price $329. Fairway Wood regularly $299, mention Golf Smarter and it’s only $269. All new High Heat Hybrid, $249, but for you only $229.