546: SNAG (Starting New At Golf) is the Most Effective Method to Get Children Excited About


546: Common question: What’s the best way to get my child interested in playing golf? Finally an answer that works, is fun, and has a school curriculum designed by education professionals. SNAG (Starting New at Golf) is the best “first-touch” program I’ve seen. It uses big clubs & balls, bright colors and language that all children would understand. But it’s not just for children, this system works for anyone who’s never held a golf club before. Our guest is John Johnson. The video includes the full interview and Golf Smarter host Fred Greene’s first swing with the Super SNAG Launcher (Driver) getting a Super SNAG Hole in One!   

http://snaggolf.com and 

http://snagpros.com for schools, parks, and camp programs.  

Watch the video https://youtu.be/PzFtzmBQ78E  http://GolfSmarter.com

Part 2 of this episode for Premium Subscribers features Dallin Koecher of GoHeberValley.com. Heber Valley is the area in Utah where the ING Conference was held. Dallin is with their visitor’s bureau and we discussed how low profile golf destinations are using today’s social media to attract millennials to their area and to golf in general. You can watch this interview at GolfSmarter.com or https://youtu.be/qN4dbUaTZLs 

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