522 Premium: Finding The Right Golf Glove that Works for Your Hand and Your Game.

Bionic Gloves with Cheryl Fink Episode 522

522 Premium: Because golf is steeped in tradition, most golfers wear a glove, but aren’t sure why. Keeping your hands dry is a good reason, but did you know that the correct glove can prevent fatigue and alleviate pain? Most golf gloves are equally equipped to do nothing more than just keep your marker attached. Bionic Golf Gloves are designed by a leading orthopedic hand specialist to give you more comfort, a better grip and still be twice as durable as a standard leather glove. The pads provide stability to keep the club from twisting at impact, and mini terrycloth towels inside the glove deliver superior moisture control. But that’s not all! Our guest this week is Cheryl Fink of Bionic Gloves who explains the technology, science, and multiple benefits Bionic Gloves provide over every other glove on the market.


Here’s less than 2 minutes of the episode on video!

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