511: Off Season Golf Conditioning to Keep You Sharp and Ready To Go with Jeff Ritter


Here’s a couple of minutes of video from the podcast that is nearly an hour long.

511: This week Jeff Ritter @mttgolf returns for our inaugural podcast episode recorded via the new community building platform, BLAB.im. In addition to multiple off season conditioning tips, Jeff invites us all to enter his Win a Pebble Beach Golf Vacation. This free episode is just over 20 minutes, but the BLAB session and the Premium Access episode is nearly an hour. Premium subscribers also receive access to the video of the conversation. During the complete interview we cover the curriculum of the Nike Golf Camps which Jeff runs, more about the various Make The Turn Challenges that he’s doing on both the Golf Channel and Golf Digest, and I get into it with him about how golf instructors seem like they’re focused on teaching mechanics, or what he calls “fundamentals of Impact, Speed, & Control, or ISC” more than teaching how to play golf.

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