500 Premium: Golf’s Ultimate Goal – Shooting Your Age…or Lower

Rich Cessna

500 Premium: Today I’m celebrating my 60th birthday with you. After nearly 10 years of this podcast, the random irony of episode #500 falling on August 4 is a bit much to handle. But like our golf game, we take one shot at a time.

Whether you’ve reached AARP discounts or not, at some point, we’re all going to be a senior golfer hitting from the front tees. This week’s show was recorded in front of a live audience at the retirement community of Paradise Valley Estates in Fairfield, CA. Our guest is Richard Cessna, PGA, General Manager for both Rancho Solano & Paradise Valley Golf courses in Fairfield, where we discuss the issues facing senior golfers and how to improve them. In the Premium Access episode, Rich tells an incredible story of how he became a highly successful CEO at the age of 11! Then there was a movie made about his story called “KidCo” (available in Amazon Prime). We also discuss the state of the industry from a GM’s perspective, and the state of the game.