470: 2014 PGA Tour MattyB Awards


470: Our 6th annual PGA Tour Awards staring comedian Matty Blake concludes with Matty giving awards for:

• Most Jealous Of..

• Win / Moment of the Year

• Most Annoying Win

• Comeback Player of the Year

• Guest Star Role

• Player of the Year

Matty can be seen each night on his new Prime Time show "OFF-PAR" on the Back9Network (DirectTV channel 262). Golf Smarter host Fred Greene has been a featured guest on OFF-PAR twice since the show launched in October. You can see both on either the GolfSmarter.com blog or our Facebook Golf Smarter page.


  1. That’s it!Thanks I really ndeeed to know that My golf teacher (great pro by the way!) tries to teach me the turnover but? now I understand that it is something that comes naturally when you release the club towards the target.